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Killer walleye lures – is a high quality fishing gear (lure) and a guarantee of a successful fishing in any waters inhabited by predatory fish (walleye, zander, bass, etc.). Our lures are equipped with triple hooks, and their form and design are patented.

All our walleye's lures are hand made and using natural wool.

We produce two types of lures: Master (in pack 4 lures, different colors) and UV Colors (in pack 2 lures, different colors). UV Colors main feature is that they are designed for efficient fishing in the dark time and at the depth of 5 meters or more.

You can order lure in our online store, or become our dealer and provide with a comfortable fishing for you and your customers.

"Killer Walleye" European representative office in Ukraine, Kiev 04210 , Pr. Geroev Stalingrada #4, corpus #1, office #5.

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