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Becoming our dealer, you will receive a stable income and the ability to provide your customers with high quality products. Our lures are an effective means of catching predatory fish (like  walleye, zander, pike, bass, perch, etc..).

Lures shape and design - is the result of durable work of professionals. Triple hook knitting is made by hand using natural wool.

We are direct manufacturers of our products and we own its invention patent.

In our online store you can buy two types of lures: Model Classic (pack of 4 lures in different colors) and Model UV Colors (pack of 2 lures in different color). Model UV Colors main feature is that they are specifically designed for efficient fishing in the dark time and at the depth of 5 meters or more.

To increase the fishing efficiency you should use two lures simultaneously. Such lures presentation won’t leave fish indifferent and this approach will give you a large number of bites. Thus, you can achieve maximum effect using two lures of different colors. Combinations of colors, from the ordinary to the ultraviolet, fisherman can define by himself.

If you want to become a reseller of our products, please contact us on +38 044 581 06 16, +38 044 581 02 22 or send an email to [email protected].

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